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I love Twitter.  It is the best free marketing that we have in our digital world.  I love exploring how social media can enhance representing a client.  I’ve made a list of five tips I try to incorporate into my Twitter account.

1. Try to stay up to date with current events and tweet them as they are happening.

Did you feel the ground shake? A couple summers back, Columbus had an earthquake. The only reason I knew was because people were tweeting about it. Don’t forget to check Twitter before you leave the office to see if there’s a major traffic jam that you should avoid. The news channels tweet it! It’s absolutely the fastest way to get information.

 2. Don’t just follow the companies and brands that you like, interact with them. 

Is it the day that Old Navy sells there’s flip flops for $1? You better believe I’ll be tweeting @OldNavy. If I’m loving my Jeni’s Wildberry Lavender ice cream, I’ll send them a quick tweet to know how awesome it tasted. Maybe I found a brand new restaurant using the FoodQuest app on my iPhone. I’ll tweet it and help my followers discover new tips.

3. Photos and links are your best friend.

Words are great but we all know the saying, “a picture is worth 1,000 words.”  On a medium where your words are limited (who can say everything they want to in 140 characters or less anyway) a photo can fill in for the words you don’t have room to say.  This is the same with a link.  You can put a shortened link in your tweet that might take your followers to the facts and your tweet can just be an opinion about the news.  Pictures and links are the best way to personalize your tweets.

4. Follow your friends but keep it professional.

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I’ve let those people who choose to interact with me on Twitter know that the professionalism of my account is important to me. I think it’s important to show that you have a human side and talk to your friends but there’s no reason to talk in a way that you wouldn’t be proud of.  Before I tweet anything I think whether I would be happy if it got retweeted.  If I would be embarrassed, I don’t post it.

5.   Put screen shots of your tweets in you portfolio. 

I think that people forget that these are samples of your writing too.  In this social media savvy world they might even be more important samples of your writing.  Saying that you know how to use social media in an interview is different than being able to show examples of your sample tweets.  I try to keep some that have been retweeted and replied to.  At a recent interview, I took a screenshot of the tweets that I had replied to for that company.  I showed them the conversation and explained how I was already following their projects.

The bottom line that I try to remember with my Twitter is to be myself.  I try to personalize my tweets as much as I possibly can.  I want my twitter to be a way for my followers or maybe a future employer to start to get to know me.  I try to be creative while maintaining a professional account.

Anyone else have some cool Twitter tips? Share them here. Or follow me @BlairBlu.