“You’re good but you’re really close to being great.”

Good vs. Great.

Being average. It feels like you are stuck. Here’s your plateau. Grab a seat and enjoy the ride.

I feel great. I feel extraordinary. Yet, I’m not.  Hello average.  People continue to sing, “you’re good but you’re really close to being great.” Suddenly, my confidence is tested.

No one is perfect. Perspective is everything. Confidence comes from within yourself. I’ve gained confidence in myself through a lot of hard work but there’s still room to grow. For me, something odd occurs when people say I’m “good but close to being great.” Suddenly, the comparison is between me and myself instead of others. This is hard to handle.

I work hard at everything I do. I learn. I try to soak in everything I can from anyone who will help. Yet, year after year, I still feel the same. Am I a person improving or declining? Am I plateauing? I’m still that person described as good but never great.

I want to be great. I’m dedicated to being great. This is just the beginning.

Where are you in your journey?