When I was a kid, my family gave me a computer for one Christmas. My first computer was a Mac that was set up in the dining room. Every time you turned it on the greeting said, “Blair don’t forget to turn on the lights.” My parents were worried that if I used the computer in the dark, I’d damage my eyes. They didn’t believe in video game consoles so I never had a Nintendo, GameCube, Xbox, or anything like that but I did have tons of computer games. Looking back at the computer games, my parents were sneaky because most of them had hidden educational aspects.

wwwOne of my absolute favorites was “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” I spent hours hunting the globe for Carmen and her gang of criminals.  I know she was a criminal, but I always thought she was pretty cool. I loved being a detective and solving the clues but more than that I loved virtually traveling the world.

For my college years, my life was all about traveling. I didn’t see the world, but I saw a lot of different places in the United State and I loved every minute. Now that I’m working full-time, my traveling has completely stopped. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my job but sometimes I miss traveling.

At the same time, it’s nice to be home more. I can explore parts of Columbus that I might never had known about. I’ve actually found that though I’ve lived in Columbus my whole life, because I traveled so much I was an outsider. I like to try new restaurants or see new places in my hometown. st. louisI like being able to go home after work and cook a meal or workout at the gym. But I still miss traveling. I miss learning the history of different cities. I miss seeing the monuments and landmarks that you might only have seen in a textbook, on a postcard, or on TV. I miss learning about different cultures and meeting all different people. I miss the inside jokes and stories. I miss bowling. I miss road trips with my team and navigating airports by myself. I wouldn’t trade anything about my life now but I miss the adventure.

Part of it might have to do with the fact that my boyfriend is still living that life. It makes me happy to hear the stories that he shares. I love when he sends me pictures from the road. I’m glad that he can have all those experiences and enjoy the perks of being “on the run.”

Sometimes it’s kind of funny because when people ask me “where is he?” I flash back to sitting at a computer looking for Carmen Sandiego.  He’s not a criminal and there aren’t any detectives hunting him down but his life is exciting!  There’s a lot that I don’t know and I like the mystery.

Living a life of travel, not tied down by anything or anyone is a dream for a lot of people. I think that’s one of the many reasons that I try to make sure that he knows I’ll never be the person to stop any of his travels or any part of his life. I just try my best to be a reason to come home.

columbusIt’s true that I didn’t grow up to be Carmen Sandiego or a detective searching for criminals but I love the life that I’m living. I like to think that I chose it as much as it chose me. I love my job. I love that I can be creative and learn new things every day. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to travel again but for now, if you ask “Where in the world is Blairblu?” Columbus is a beautiful answer.