photoWalking down the road as a twenty-something is enlightening. You read tons of blogs, books, and articles that talk about your twenties being the time you experience and experiment with the world. Some of the most beautiful memories in my life are from places and people I would never have expected.

The more I open my mind, the less I trust first impressions. When I say that I don’t mean that I don’t take them seriously. I absolutely do! For a lot of people, this is crucial and will either open or close the door. I always try to be a real person and be myself while putting my “Best Blair” forward.

My lack of trust in first impressions comes from my perspective. I’m one of those people that has bad instincts. My guesses are usually wrong. If I say turn left, you should absolutely turn right. beanPlus the first time I try something, I usually don’t think I like it. I know this is completely normal and true for almost everyone. What I also know is that this is wrong 99.9% of the time. In reality, I usually like whatever I’m trying.

Realizing this phenomenon has changed the way that I live. I can’t take complete credit for it, there’s someone in my life who encourages me to keep my mind open at all times. I’m reminded to stay positive, live life for the fullest, and see beauty all around me. This incredible person knows who they are and I’m grateful that they are in my life.

Now whenever I try something new, meet a new person, or hear something I’ve never heard before my goal is to stay positive and keep an open mind. I go into everything with no expectations and come out of it with a positive thought. I always want to try it again. The second time, third, fourth, fifth, etc. is when I actually can gauge how I feel and what I really think. That’s the impression that matters to me.

bI suppose everyone stops wanting to get older. I’ll confess I wanted to cry when I found my first gray hair. Physical aging is inevitable. Mental aging is a choice. If I had my way, I’d have the mindset of a twenty-something for the rest of my life. Sure, we’re selfish, live in the moment, and still believe in our dreams but who says that’s a bad thing. It’s confusing. It’s scary. It’s beautiful. It’s fun. It’s an amazing life. Plus, I never want to lose the ability to see past the first impression because what they say is true, people and life will surprise you.