I’ve had a four step approach for bowling since the first time I learned to walk to the line.

On November 28, my boyfriend and I were driving home from bowling a tournament. The day before my mechanics were a complete mess in a modified shot tournament. I came around every single shot. I was so mad at myself and fried mentally. The sweeper we bowled the next night wasn’t as bad as the night before but I wasn’t happy. We bowled on a house shot so my mistakes were still there…the shot just tried to make them look better. I was still furious and frustrated. As I push myself to improve my bowling…I’m accidentally pushing everyone who loves me and wants to help me.

He slipped and said, “maybe we should take you back to a five step approach.”

I have never had a five step approach which I pointed out to him and he immediately retracted it. He left town for a tournament the next day and I texted one of the coaches I trust to help me with my bowling. I asked her what she thought about taking me to five steps.

Zeke’s little slip was a huge moment in my game. When we tried it the next day most of the timing issues I’d been fighting improved immediately. I’m looking forward to working with this change over the next few months to see how it will improve my game.