“My repeat button is broken.”

As I competed at the USBC Open Championships and Women’s Championships last week I found myself saying this over and over. It was frustrating because though I was executing well I had difficulty repeating shots.

Good thing it’s summer and I have plans to practice as much as I possibly can.

I spent four days in Reno for the competitions. When I came home and slowly got back into “my routine,” I realized that I didn’t have a routine. Repeat doesn’t exist in my life. The only thing that’s similar is the time my alarm goes off every day. Some days I’m a little more tired than others. Knowing this I allow for a little “sleep in” time in my morning schedule so I literally don’t wake up at the same time every morning. Sometimes I leave early, some I’m running late.

Beyond waking up…some days I make coffee at my apartment while others I buy it at the coffee shop next door (they’re so sweet and give us a discount). Breakfast is a whole different story. Then when I finally get to work my job isn’t the same everyday. I’m always busy. I’m always finding the fire that is burning the worst. That’s the one I put out first. I try to predict the day…and I always fail.

I don’t own a repeat button but if I want to keep taking my bowling to the next level I need to find one.