Tonight I received my 300 ring at the Central Ohio USBC Annual Meeting. This 300 has been incredibly special from the moment I bowled it to the ring presentation. I always want to remember this moment so I’m writing it down.

I know I’ll never forget the night I bowled it and all of the special people who were there to share that moment with me. I was surrounded by so many important people in my life. People who have coached me, people who have supported me, people who have been my friends for years, people I love inside and out. I shot the 300 with the Endless Nightmare that Zeke gave to me in December.

The ring ceremony was important because the members of the Central Ohio USBC Board have been a large part of my life too. I’ve grown up in this city and many of these people have watched me grow up. They’ve taught me so much about dedication to a sport you love. They believed in me and awarded me scholarship money to go to college. They have taught me what it takes to volunteer for an organization and have shared many stories about their life on the lanes with me. I’ve met so many special people and I’m grateful for every single one of them.

A very special superstar (in my top 10 favorite people I’ve met of all time) was there for both moments. That’s you, Mr. Jay Hendershot. I’ll always be grateful that I met you and you’re part of my life.

This season I’ve achieved so much with so many amazing people. I’ve bowled with Cassondra Desmonds and she was my amazing doubles partner when I shot my 771 (a new high series for me until my 782) at Women’s States. She helped me stay calm in the moment. I’m very grateful for our friendship. We’ve traveled together and went to Nationals together. I’m looking forward to many more tournaments together.

Julie Wells and I won the scratch doubles portion of the Central Ohio City Tournament (another victory for my Endless Nightmare). I’m so thankful that we were able to bowl together! We pushed each other to keep working hard until the last shot. I have learned a lot from her and I always enjoy bowling again. Thanks to the Palace Lanes for sponsoring us.

My improvements this season would not have been possible without the people that never gave up on me no matter how annoying, insane, and frustrating that I was. Zeke Bayt is one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever known. He’s been through so much and somehow he still has one of the biggest hearts in the entire world. He puts up with so much from me and I’m always grateful that he never gives up.

Ron Hatfield is a remarkable coach and I’m looking forward to continuing to learn under him. He’s so supportive and encouraging. He knows exactly when you need some kind words and he’s there to help.

Zeke, Rod Singer and Bill Ludwig constantly make sure that I stay as sane as possible on and off the lanes. They are the reason that I finally am getting the right equipment in my hand. Couldn’t do it without these guys!

This season has been unbelievable. I’ve worked so hard and it’s made me want to work harder and keep improving. I’m so lucky that I have so many people around me that I look up to and strive to be like. They might not even know how important they are and that they are motivating me to keep getting better.  No matter what happens on the lanes, what’s important to me is the people that I’ve met along the way. The bowlers who are real people outside of the bowling center. They’re amazing and have made my life better because they are in it.