That’s a song lyric from Jason Mraz’s “Details in the Fabric.” A song I have been obsessed with since I saw Caleb Brauner dance to it in the SYTYCD Season 11 Auditions. The meaning to me is about always living your own life…but I was taught that at a young age.

My name is Blair Elizabeth Sprouse
I’m 23 years old.
I love the color pink.
I work for CAPA.
I learn something new every chance I get.
I live in Columbus, Ohio.
I love to bowl.

I’m going to be a homeowner.

This monumental event in my life along with some recent occurrences has really made me think about who I am.

See that Sprouse in my name. It made me a strong woman. I come from a long line of really strong women.

The Sprouse men didn’t stick around for long but they never left because they wanted to.

photo 1 (1)My great grandma had to raise her kids by herself after her husband died at age 31. She was a single mom in the great depression (and you think you have problems). She was one of the toughest ladies I have ever met in my life and she lived to be 97 years old.

My great aunt was the oldest child and ONLY girl in the family. She calls me “sweet stuff.” photo 4She has had one of the toughest lives I’ve ever witnessed but she can still give the best hugs and kisses. She’s been taking care of family members for my entire life. Her husband just passed away a couple of weeks ago. He was one of the loving guys in the entire world. My great-aunt took care of him until that very last moment. She has been through sooooo much in her life and yet each day she’s brave enough to keep taking steps forward. I can’t even put her strength into words. If she has any flaw…it’s that she doesn’t ask for help enough.

IMG_1636My grandpa passed away suddenly at 58. My Grandma has been a widow for 22 years. She wasn’t born a Sprouse but I believe she earned her place in the family. She’s been taking care of my aunt who is blind and mute for almost 50 years. She took care of me too. Instead of being sad every day of her life she chose to watch me grow. She babysat me from the time I was 15 months old until I was in 6th grade. photo 3She made sure I did my homework and got ready for my various events so that when my mom came to pick me up I was ready. She drove me around in her white Cadillac doing errands and having fun. She can laugh more than anyone I’ve ever met in my life and if you’re in a jam she’ll find a way to help you. She’s always trying to have a good time and she loves to share stories about her life with others. If you listen to her, you’ll usually hear something that you can laugh at (whether it’s then or later). She loves her daughters and granddaughters more than she can express at times. She’s our number one fan…and the people that we love…she’s their number one fan too!

photo 2Life isn’t a Disney movie and we can’t all grow up to be princesses. My mom and her two cousins who are Sprouse blood are the best kind of feminine role models. They are all heroines in their own lives. They taught my cousin, sister and I that we don’t need any man to be successful. We should be happy in our own skin and be strong. We are beautiful and brave. We can take on this world. They still let us pretend to be princesses as much as possible as long as we come back to reality eventually. I appreciate that.

birthdayMy mom is the most original person I’ve ever met. There is no one in this world like her. She’s passionate and fiery. She pushes for what she wants and doesn’t stop until she gets it. She was valedictorian in high school and went to college (something that neither of her parents did). She continued her education for a master degree in Boston. She chose not to change her last name when she got married because she wanted to carry on the Sprouse name. She gave it to my sister and I. She lost her best friend when my Grandpa died and she had to figure out how to keep the world spinning. She sacrifices things that she wants to take care of my grandma and aunt. She never asks for help unless she really needs it but she’ll always help others. She’s a lot like my great aunt.

394038_2606967139697_1420470105_32224116_1693167162_nMy cousin is smart, brave and gorgeous. We spent a lot of time together at family gatherings growing up. I always seemed to follow her around and watch what she was doing. She’s a wonderful person and even though we didn’t spend tons of time together as we got older when we get together today we still have a lot to talk about. We think similarly about life. I believe it’s because of those tough Sprouse women who raised us. I hope that we can be role models for my little sister and keep her on the right path.

Many, many, men have taken on the challenge of trying to wrangle Sprouse women.blair Some have come and gone. Some remain. We’re not an easy breed but we’re truly amazing women. We don’t NEED you to take care of us all the time. Sure, there’s going to be moments when we crumble and need help but we can usually do things on our own. However, we will ALWAYS need a friend. If you choose to be our friend…we’ll take care of you for a long time. We’ll make you proud even after you’re gone and we will love you more than anything in the world.

I am Blair Elizabeth Sprouse Blumenscheid.