When I wrote my blog post about Rockford I mentioned how I lost my jean jacket. I love my jean jacket more than any other article of clothing that I own. I wear it with almost everything (I don’t do jean-on-jean). My mom had three other jean jackets at their house but none had the same magic as MY jean jacket. She suggested I call Cherry Bowl and see if they found it.

I took a shot and called the center. The front desk person said they had a jean jacket and asked me if there was any way I could identify it. I had put a strip of tie-dye duct tape on all of my belongings that went with me to bowling tournaments in college to distinguish them from other people’s belongings and to personalize them. I told her about the tape and she said they had it. Cherry Bowl impressed me the entire time that we were there. They really seemed to care about the bowlers.

But I still had a problem…I’m in Columbus, OH. How am I going to get it back from Rockford? I could have them ship it and then pay for it but I’m really trying to save money. The girl and I talked about some options. She asked her manager what to do and they gave me a contact name to reach out to.  Zeke walked into the room and I had an idea. I covered the mouth piece and asked…

“Zeke, is Harvey in Rockford this week?”

“I think he is.”

Harvey Johnson…the man who works tons of hours and loves the sport of bowling. He’s given my boyfriend the most amazing opportunities and given him the life he always dreamed of. I can never thank Harvey enough for making Zeke’s dreams come true and giving him so much happiness. Seeing Zeke happy makes me happy.

I asked the girl on the phone if I could have someone come and pick it up for me.

“Sure, just make sure they know about the tie-dye tape.”

I thanked her and hung up the phone laughing about a silly piece of duct tape that had suddenly turned into a secret password. I asked Zeke if it was okay to ask Harvey if he was going to be in Rockford and see if he could grab my jacket. When I called Harvey and told him about the jacket…he called me a hippie 🙂 but then said he’d get it for me. I couldn’t thank him enough.

A couple weeks later I was getting into the car on our way to league and my jacket was hanging on the seat. Harvey had given it to Zeke at a tournament the previous weekend. I was happier than I’d been in a long time to finally have it back.

Thanks Harvey for helping this hippie out!