I don’t know about you but this ad campaign shot my heart full of happiness. It might have a little to do with my already established obsession with penguins but I want to believe that it is something bigger than that.

The list below is a collection of my favorite parts of the ad campaign and my opinion of why #MontyThePenguin will steal your heart. (Beyond the obvious points that he is now on Twitter and has his own hashtag.)

1. We are all looking for someone to share our bacon with. 

Seriously. Having someone there to share meals with  makes life so much better.

2. Forts are great. (Penguin shadows are great too.)

A Blanket + Chairs = Pure Magic

We should really remember how to build forts as adults. Escape reality. Share secrets with someone. That zone where imagination and creativity is all you have. What could be better?

3. This face. 

No other words are needed.

monty 2

4. We can’t be perfect all the time. 

monty 3monty 4

This scene is so real. Sometimes you are so excited about something and just want to tell the person you are with. You turn to share it with them and they’re either distracted or aren’t as excited as you are. It happens. It doesn’t mean that they don’t love you or don’t want to hear what you have to say. It just means something they are thinking about is a little more important. It’s a give and take and it’s your job as a friend to hear what is on their mind too. Be compassionate. Figure out what is distracting them and think about whether you can be there for them. They’ll do it for you. Just not in this moment.

5. It has that magical young love that warms your heart during the holiday season.

Everyone wants to be young and in love around the holiday seasons. Movies and commercials make it look perfect. In reality it’s not perfect but it’s still pretty great.

6. It has love that has survived the test of time. 

It’s part of what made Disney Pixar’s “Up” so magical. I don’t know what it is about older couples that just makes your heart sing. Maybe it’s because you know how hard a relationship is and you just dream of having someone by your side as time goes on. I know I do.

7. Plus there’s penguin love. 

You need something more? Seriously, this is adorable.

8. True love is just this exciting.

When you’re in love with someone special this is how you feel all the time.

true love

9. Having someone to gossip to is important too.

You see these girls throughout the commercial. Talking, listening, and laughing. It’s important to have that person in your life.

10. Everyone loves a classic movie. 

They’re cheesy. The ideals are old fashioned. Sometimes they are unintentionally funny. However, there’s a reason that these films became classics. They’re great.

11. Penguins can have all the fun of sledding…without a sled. 

You love sledding. Monty just does it better. Face it.

12. Surprises are incredibly rewarding. 

Surprises stress me out. I’ve planned a surprise party and I’ve tried to think of gifts for people who are very difficult to shop for. Both of these tasks are incredibly difficult. Keeping it a secret and wondering if they’ll like it can drive you crazy. On the flip side, that moment of pure joy when they experience the surprise for the first time can be so rewarding. It makes all the stress worth it. (There’s the face again.)

13. You will never be this cute when you shake off water.

Sorry. You’re just weird if you think you’re cute shaking water off after your shower. Penguins can pull it off though.

14. This moment is pure artistic genius.

You get to know the love & friendship between Monty and the boy. Then you feel the pain of Monty as he sees love and wants it for his little penguin life. You see the boy realize this and understand that he wants to find a love for his best friend.  You feel happiness as you watch the boy’s surprise of Mabel work wonders for Monty. Now let’s add a mother-son dynamic as you see the scene change from the boy watching Monty open the present to the mom watching the boy open the present. Christmas is great. Well played John Lewis. Well played.

15. Bottom line. Penguins are the best.

more laughing
You laugh this much when your best friend is a penguin. Now…don’t you want one too?

What do you love about #MontyThePenguin?

All credit for images and video go to John Lewis. Learn more about #MontythePenguin. Or what the heck adopt a real one!