Dear First Apartment,

It’s been a memorable year. I remember dreaming of living in a place just like this when I was growing up. It was the light at the end of the tunnel. Make it through college and earn enough money so you can survive on your own. I did it.

You’ve witnessed some of the happiest moments of my life as well as some of the saddest moments of my life. Within your walls there have been both laughter and tears.

I remember the first days that we spent together. Getting to know each other. Getting to know how to live alone.

There are qualities about you that I love and will miss. Your beautiful views outside of my balcony. Watching the sunrise and sunset over the water outside my window.

There are also things that I’m never going to miss. The stairs. Those horrible stairs that made me cringe every time I came home with groceries. I hated you when I had to carry my bowling equipment up and down those stairs every day. I slipped so many times it’s a wonder I didn’t fall.

I’m also not going to miss the people who lived below me. The people who called the cops on a completely silent apartment. I hated them. I’m also not going to miss the searching for a parking spot every night and the fast slamming door.

There have been visitors and guests that spent time in your space. You’ve kept us warm and safe.

Your kitchen has been used to create delicious meals. As you’ve seen these usually aren’t created by me. 😉 Mostly though, it was used to make coffee in the morning and pour wine at night. I won’t miss not having sufficient counter space and being able to touch both sides of the counter at the same time.

You’ve filled my life with wildlife of all kinds. I’ve seen deer, frogs, turtles, raccoons, all types of birds, bunnies, spiders (yuck), geese. We’ve watched these animals from my balcony and created stories about some of them. The geese had the best personalities and made it easy to tell stories about them. These geese were some of the most aggressive that I’ve ever seen in my life. There was one, Kyle, who single handily chased part of the flock away from the lake. He was crazy. I mean, have you ever seen a goose take a toy from a corgi puppy? I have.

My best friend the raccoon was not a happy experience for me. We met too many times at the garbage can. See you buddy. Can’t say I’ll miss you.

But wait, my favorite animal was the shark in my lake. Yes, I know there really isn’t a shark in my pond (are you happy Zeke) but the first time I saw this carpe swimming around in the sun with only a fin sticking out I had to look twice. My shark was a topic of conversation for new visitors to my apartment. Zeke corrected me every time I said it. For one week I was allowed to believe that there was actually a shark in my week. Guess which week that was.

I thought that we would be spending more time together than just one year but there’s a new home waiting for me with WAY more closet space and a lot more room.

Thanks for being part of my adventure. I’ll never forget you.