mary martinOne of the most magical gifts that I’ve ever received was a mysterious gift. We’re still not sure where it came from. I unwrapped a VHS recording of the Original Broadway production of Peter Pan starring Mary Martin & Cyril Ritchard. My mom found an unopened copy of the 1960 television recording it in our crawl space (we believe it was my Grandpa’s angel gift to me). I opened it Christmas morning and it quickly became one of my favorite things to watch on VHS (second only to Dirty Dancing). I must have watched it a thousand times. I knew all the words and could act out all of the scenes. I pretended I could fly, would dance like Tiger Lily and sang of never growing up. I clapped to show that I believed. It was my first taste of Broadway & I fell in love with live productions instantly.

My mom took me downtown to the theatres in Columbus often to see live productions. I was entranced. She put me in some acting workshops although we found during an audition for a production of Annie that acting on stage wasn’t for me. The director put all the little girls in a circle and we had to say which role we wanted to play. Everyone said Annie. I said one of the other orphans.

After college I discovered a way to combine my love of the performing arts with my degree. I love being part of making the magic on stage possible. I’ve met so many amazing people and seen unbelievable productions! No matter how old I get, Mary Martin’s Peter Pan will always be a sweet memory for me. It was truly a magical Christmas gift that touched my heart. I’m so happy that NBC is bringing live productions back to the TV. It’s a great way to introduce children and adults to live theatre.

If you loved the new production on NBC of Peter Pan last week then I encourage you to find a show to see in your area. It’s even better when you see it live. See you at the theatre!


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