When I woke up this morning I was thinking that the best present I got this year isn’t under a tree… My condo is the absolutely best thing that happened to me in 2014.

However, this Christmas has brought me a few new treasures from the people who mean the most to me. Zeke gave me beautiful gifts but the most wonderful gift he gives me is his love. We’ve been able to spend some time together this past week which is a gift that means a lot to me.

My family helped me renovate my condo and showered me with wonderful treasures this morning. Most notably a kindle that I haven’t put down yet.

We had some hilarious moments. Skyla lifted her 14 lb sphere shaped present and legitimately saying, “what’s this.” We all laughed. Kid hasn’t gone a Christmas without unwrapping a bowling ball. New spare ball this year to help with those pesky corner pins.

Another great moment was when she went to her room to get a present she forgot to wrap. I covered my eyes as she stood in front of me. When I opened them Olaf was smiling at me. She said in her best Olaf impression, “I like warm hugs.” I like warm hugs too. We took a picture. One normal and then Dad said, “smile like Olaf.”


I’ve always been taught the time together means more to me than what’s under the tree. I believe that more than anything else.

Merry Christmas!