Two weeks ago was the first time since high school season began that I made a visit to a Westerville Central practice. I had the day off work so I could spend the morning with them. Words can’t describe how much I miss coaching. Kids if you’re reading this…believe it! If there was a way I could be there I would be.

So here’s why I’m not. I’m not coaching high school full time this season so I can be a better coach in the future. I’m coaching when I can because I love spending time with them and giving the youth the best opportunities. However, this year I’m learning. I’m bowling. Bowling as much as I can. Pinching pennies to pay for equipment and tournament entries. Working as much as possible. I’m bowling so that someday I can teach kids what I’ve learned and be a better coach. I’m being selfish because I believe in bowling with every bone in my body. I couldn’t imagine not being part of this sport.