Surprise. That’s how my 2014 ended. A giant surprise. One of those moments where perspective just smacks you in the face. My perspective did not match reality. So I had to spend some time making my perspective match a different perspective. A reality I didn’t even know existed.

New Years Eve was heartbreaking. Yet surrounding all this devastation I felt love. People who honestly cared about me and were there for me with smiles, laughs, hugs, an ear to listen or some ice cream and potato chips (because we’re adults and we can have that for dinner).  I was broken in that span of time. Completely shattered but I was never alone. Thank YOU so much for being with me in that time.

Then 2015 started.

2015 feels weird. 2015 feels confusing. 2015 feels like walking in the dark.


2015 feels beautiful. 2015 feels alive. 2015 feels phenomenal.

I know everyone does this every year. The New Years Resolutions. The increase in gym memberships, healthy eating, etc. “New Year, New You.” I’m not looking for any of that. I don’t need a new me. I need a stronger me. I’m already a pretty tough cookie but there are some things that I can do to make sure that I’m the best Blair. I’m taking new steps. I’m finding a new path on my journey.

I’m still Blair. I still have amazing dreams that I’m reaching for. This is my life. This is 2015.

What’s your 2015?