I don’t take normal vacations.  my goal isI haven’t since I started college. My friends went on Spring Break vacations to the beach and I traveled to bowl in Tennessee or Pennsylvania. Summers were in Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Reno, etc. For me, competing during my “off time” was more satisfying than drinking on the beach could ever be. I love the energy and the intensity.

It hasn’t changed today. I spend my weekends traveling to a bowling tournament or coaching on the lanes. I use lunch breaks and evenings to get stronger at the gym. I use vacation time to go and grind on the lanes. Tournaments can be stressful and exhausting but I love it. I love everything about being able to compete and learning how to beat the best of the game.

I work hard so that I can afford to travel and compete. Every day I wake up grateful to be alive. I don’t dread the end of the weekends because I love waking up and going to my job during the week. I love to learn more about marketing strategies and staying on top of trends. After work I have a night of competition or practice on the lanes. I look forward to the weekends because I get another opportunity to learn and compete. I also enjoy the working weekends when when I have to attend an event or festival to post on social media or help direct a video. My life is always exciting!

People ask me all the time, how do you have time to relax? When do you get away? Someday, I’m sure I’ll go on vacation without a bag full of 15 lb bowling balls. Heck, I even take weekends where I don’t leave the house and they feel great. The reason that I can use my vacation time to compete is because I have an amazing job, inspiring friends, and wonderful co-workers who make my life worth living. I don’t need to run away from my job…I can take some time away and go and work hard on the lanes. I couldn’t be living my life without the unbelievable opportunities and people around me who push me to be better. I’m so grateful to have a job that I love and a passion for a sport that keeps me going.