Dear Paw-Paw,

It’s been 23 years since you left us. Can you believe it? Here’s what I can’t believe. You’re still with us in so many different ways. You come up pretty often. Your name crosses our lips all the time. We still love and miss you.

As usual, I wonder if I’m making you proud. I’m still Baby Blu in so many ways but I’m growing and learning with every year that passes. I’ve learned from books. I’ve learned from people. I’ve learned from music. I’ve learned from movies. I’ve learned from life. I’ve experienced all types of different things. I’ve had my heart shattered. I’ve felt disappointment. I’ve felt failure. I’ve felt happiness. I’ve felt love. I’ve been given unbelievable opportunities. I’ve seen kindness. I discover things about myself every single day. I wish I could tell you about it and most of all I wish you were here.

You’d love some of my friends. Sometimes they treat me like one of the guys. Sometimes they treat me like the little sister. I’m learning how to hold my own.

I wish you could be here as I explore Columbus. It’s a gift to be able to work in the historic Ohio Theatre every day and meet people who were part of the original plans for the city. I love learning about what it was like in those days. I wish I could hear your stories. I wish we could see the old movies together. I wish I could show you what I like to do in Columbus.

I have giant dreams and I’m pretty positive that you’re with me every step of the way. I can tell by the stupid pranks you play and how ironic my life is at times. Stay with me forever. We’ve never lost sight of the family traditions that you started and the work ethic that you lived by. We stick together. Even when we don’t agree, we don’t give up on each other. I bet it’s because you never gave up on anyone either.

Everyone’s doing good. We know you didn’t want to leave us. We didn’t want you to leave either.

Can’t wait to see you again.

Love always,