I’m a 24 year old woman. I have a full time job. I pay all my own bills. I’m independent. I don’t have nor need a man to run my life. If I don’t know how to do something, I ask for help. If I can’t do something, I hire someone to do it. Why is okay for you to judge me?

Today I went to Home Depot to pick up air filters for my very old air conditioner. I’d never bought them before so I asked the greeter when I entered where they were. He asked me if I was alone…I thought about it…looked around to make sure there were other people around so I had witnesses and decided to say yes (which by the way is NONE of his business anyway). He looked like I just killed his cat. He said, “Oh honey I’m sorry, let’s show you where it is.” He pointed to an aisle in the back where the air conditioner units were. Guess what, no filters. Annoyed, I started walking down to the door area since I need to order a screen door anyway. The little, old greeter caught back up with me. He said, “Hey, I saw you walking around with nothing in your hands so I figured I’d check on you again.” I informed him that the filters weren’t where he told me so I was going to move on to another project. He said, “Oh, well they’re probably in heating and cooling then. I should have told you if they weren’t there that there were probably some other places. Do you want me to help you out some more?” I said no thank you and tried to get away from him as fast as possible.

Still feeling a little insulted by the greeter, I asked the door guy about screen doors. He showed me where they were and was extremely helpful. I had to go home and get measurements for my door. He asked me if there was anything else he could help me with. I figured I’d ask about the air filters again. I asked him where the heating and cooling department was. He looked confused and I tried again. “Where are air filters?” He said, “Aisle 11.” I thanked him and walked down to Aisle 11. Picked out the air filters I needed and was on my way.

sexandthecityI couldn’t help but get that greeter out of my head. Most people think being an independent woman is awesome! However, I run into people like this greeter every once in a while. The people that make assumptions about you when you tell them you’re single. Carrie Bradshaw…rather Candance Bushnell (the writer) had it right. Why do some people have a hard time understanding successful women? I don’t feel sorry for myself. I don’t feel like anything is missing. Sure, I’d love to have a guy in my life that I could share things with but I’m not forcing it. It’ll happen…when it’s right. But even when I’m in relationships, I still do things for myself. I can go to Home Depot. I still work for my money and pay my own bills. I don’t want a man to take care of me. I want a man to be my companion. There is no reason for someone to judge me. I don’t get why it’s okay.

I’m sure it’s better than it’s been in previous generations but I’d still love to see more encouragement for being an independent woman and less for finding a man to take care of you. All I know is I’m happy with my life and the people who have chosen to stick by my side.