People tell you life is all about timing. It’s about being in the right (or wrong) place at the right time. I’m truly grateful for the timing of my life!

IMG_2942I’m going to take you back to my senior year of college. It was crazy! I was bowling competitively and working two jobs. I worked as a server at Red Lobster & at Rec Sports as an intern for one of my most important mentors, Katie. As I said in an earlier blog post, Katie ripped my writing apart and helped me learn what the real world would expect from me. She pushed me to get more involved in PRSSA and enabled me to improve my social media skills.

Near the end of my internship at Rec Sports, Diandra Asbaty found me on Twitter. She reached out to me and offered me an opportunity to join her IAB Team as an intern. It was one of the most amazing conversations that I’ve ever had in my life. I absolutely loved every minute of working for IAB. Dee, Jason, Andy, Ron & Nicolette taught me about writing, bowling, and coaching.  I traveled to help with EYTs & helped brainstorm events for IAB. I also did some writing about bowling and edited articles. Nicolette started my addiction with Buzzfeed & Mashable. We were always staying on top of trends. I was in heaven. Dee believed in me and helped me learn about promoting the sport. She taught me to always #BelieveinBowling.

Katie and I kept in touch as I was working at IAB. I continued writing Sports Clubs Features for Rec Sports. Around March she told me that her friend from college, Lisa Minken, was looking for an intern at CAPA. I applied, interviewed, and got the internship. Working with Lisa was so much fun! I learned so much about a company that presented events I had attended since I was a little girl. It was truly magical. I got to explore the city and see behind the scenes of what makes these events possible.

As graduation approached and the end of my internships crawled closer, I was so stressed. People told me not to worry but it was impossible. I needed to find a job. I applied at at least 25 places and had interviews. Everything washed up. I was in the final rounds of a couple of applications but it didn’t feel like anything was coming together. I remember feeling like I was building a puzzle. I had all the pieces in my hands but I just couldn’t make the pieces fit. Suddenly, a position in marketing at CAPA opened. It was a new position. Digital Media Marketing Assistant. I applied and got an interview. And then a second.

10353034_10154150379540276_6320804301558560814_nI left to bowl women’s nationals in Reno and knew I was either going to come home to a job offer or nothing. Amazingly, I was offered the position at CAPA. This was a happy and sad time for me. I had to call IAB and let them know that I had to leave the internship. It was devastating because I truly loved working in bowling and I would miss working with IAB but I knew I had to take the full-time position. I knew I’d make the most of it though. I’d stay in touch with everyone at IAB, especially Dee who I aspired to be like.

I’ve spent the past 2 and 1/2 years of my life at CAPA. I eventually developed enough skills to move into the Web & Social Media Coordinator role. I’ve met some truly amazing people. My co-workers and I have done some amazing projects. We’ve handled stress and they’ve have brought countless smiles to my face and we’ve shared lots of laughs. I’ve spent hours learning about all kinds of entertainment. I’ve seen backstage. I’ve interviewed musicians, actors, singers, dancers…and penguins :). I’ve watched people give hours upon hours of their time to make events magical for the public. Oh and I’ve seen some amazing shows.

My co-workers have 10369196_10154609356645276_1894186353337856853_nbelieved in me since my first day. They helped me learn and grow my skills. They supported me in everything I did at the office or even outside. They watched me close on my first house and helped me through all of the stress. They supported me with chocolate and Frappicino runs when my boyfriend broke up with me. They were a listening ear when I was in a car accident and had to search for a new car. When I used my vacation time to go bowl a tournament, they watched the live stream camera and always asked about how I did when I came back. We explored restaurants downtown, navigated Food Truck Thursdays, headed to Cup ‘o Joe for a chocolate chip scone & coffee and so much more! I’ll miss Grazing Day and our White Elephant Party ton. Where else can you get a Miley Cyrus Christmas ornament?  There are so many memories I’ll never forget. They never thought that one of my ideas for a campaign at any of the companies was silly and they helped me think through how to make it happen. They helped me learn to dive into projects fearlessly so that nothing felt out of reach. They gave me confidence to take with me for the rest of my life. I’ll never forget these people and I’ll always be thankful for their support!

10897928_834646663241179_4906764751659612124_nWorking in the theatre helped engage my imagination and creativity. I’m truly lucky to have had these experiences so early in my career.  There are some famous tragedy’s & dramas made for the stage but there are also a large amount that encourage you to follow your heart and reach for your dreams. I also met individuals who were part of the beginning of CAPA. They taught me about dedication, patience, and trust. I heard stories about how they reached for the impossible and didn’t listen to people who told them that they were going to fail. Working at CAPA inspired me to never give up on my dreams and believe in myself. Anything is truly possible!

CAPA was more than a pla11143414_10207132658418624_1276107597395644159_oce to go to work it was my home for the first few years out of college. We worked hard and never forgot to have a little fun along the way. I’ll take that with me. I promise that I’ll never stop having fun! You’re never to old to stop and play a game of Connect Four or grab a mid-afternoon Frozen Hot Chocolate. I want to thank everyone at CAPA for helping me and being part of my life. I’ll miss you all.

Screenshot_2015-07-20-17-55-13-1I’m leaving CAPA because they’ve taught me the skills to help me move on to a brand new adventure. I’m so excited to announce that I will be starting as the Social Media Manager of Storm Bowling in September. I’m so grateful to Storm for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to join the bowlers company. I’m so excited to work with the people that I’ve met already and be part of the Storm Family. I’m excited to travel and meet people. Most of all I’m excited to share the stories of the bowlers and continue to help introduce more people to the sport. It truly feels like a right move and I’m really looking forward to the future. I’ll still be continuing to learn and grow as a coach and a athlete as well.  I can’t believe that I’m going to be able to continue to do the work that I love while working in the sport that I love. I’m truly following my dreams.

I’m so excited about where I’m going but I’ll never forget where I came from and all the people that have helped me along the way. The people who are mentioned in this blog and the people who aren’t. The people who started my bowling career at the age of 5. My teachers all throughout my educational & professional journey. My family and friends who have always pushed me to be the best I can be and I’ll always appreciate their support. The people who have always believed in me.  THANK YOU ALL! I bet you’ll still see me at the theatre…every once in a while.