anigif_enhanced-buzz-9009-1361219682-3There’s a box in the basement for every one of my ex’s. No matter how long we were talking or dating. You’ve got a box. There’s a letter inside too. That I wrote at that moment. A little bit of perspective. I never look in those boxes even when I’m completely over the break up. It’s just the physical pieces of my life that I don’t want back. I can keep them in those boxes but sometimes the memories creep out.

When I was in Utah most recently a song came on the radio that was tributed to me during a past relationship. I couldn’t tell the person to turn the song off. I didn’t want to explain why. So it played & I had to listen. It was the first time I heard it since the breakup. It was weird but it didn’t really affect me as much as I thought it would. It just made me think. A song that had such a beautiful meaning at one point didn’t have that for me anymore. It was a big lie.

I thought about all the other songs that were like this one. Songs that had memories attached that didn’t mean the same thing to the people anymore. What are you supposed to do with them now? Are you supposed to try to attach a new meaning? Should you pass it on to somebody else? The song came on again today. I didn’t turn it off. Just thought again about where love songs go that aren’t love songs anymore. I don’t have an answer… What do you think?