I made your dad a promise at your funeral. That I’d never forget you.

It’s been 5 years. I have a playlist of music I play for you every year. There’s this one really angsty song on my iPod because of a tennis slumber party when we were in high school. I remember you telling us all about this song. You said it was so true. Oh what I wouldn’t do to go back in time.

When I listen to it now it connects me to those horrible feelings you have when you’re a high school kid and have no idea what’s going to happen down the road. Milena, it gets better. I wish you could have seen what we all saw in you. I’m so sorry that you didn’t make it here. I can see your smile all the way from heaven. You helped us all become who we are today. Thank you for being part of our life. I hope you were listening to that song tonight and laughing along with me.

I’ll never forget how much I cried the day we found out you were gone. I know one thing that I truly believe. You are still here with us all. In spirit. We miss your physical presence.

“Oh why there’s no comprehending
And who am I to try to judge or explain
Oh, but I do have one burning question
Who told you life wasn’t worth the fight
They were wrong
They lied
And now you’re gone
And we cried” – Rascal Flatts