I’ve had my first real challenges on Whole30. First was last night when we went to one of my favorites wing places in town. Ordered a grilled chicken salad and it was delicious. Today, my sister performed at the Arnold Sports Expo. I was surrounded by festival food (corn dogs, pretzels, tacos, popcorn and fresh lemonade). I brought my bag of almonds knowing what I’d be around. Seriously, these things have saved my life. We missed lunch because everything was backed up and my family went to dinner to celebrate. The bread…omg…I almost caved but I resisted. Eating out is the hardest on this but I make as healthy a choice as I possibly can.

Remember how concerned I was about my coffeee? The night before I started I was googling all about coffee on Whole30. I read, “Drinking your coffee black is not hard.” I laughed and thought, yeah they’re right. Turns out I really like my coffee black. Problem solved!

All in all I’ve done pretty well. There have been some “off limit foods” snuck in but they have mostly been cooking ingredients. I’ve been trying really hard to stay “clean.”

By the way…for anyone keeping track my baby sister killed her performance. Go Skyla!!