Yo yo yo.

Day 5?  Today was incredibly productive. I taught two lessons, practiced, and went to the grocery store. I filled my cart with wonderful things I could eat for the week. I do miss bread and chocolate and Cheese-Its. The cravings pass though. I could read every ingredient on the unsweetened applesauce so I got it for a treat.

I came home and made some lunch and turned on Harry Potter. Of course then I crashed and took a nap!

When I woke up I was starving. I scrambled some eggs and made some smoked turkey sausage.

I realized as I continued to watch my movie on the couch that I would have been snacking on some chips at this point. NOT GOOD! I made a bowl of fruit for a treat and that’ll be the end of my meals for the day.

Peace peeps. Hope you had a great weekend!