Those words are so true.

I visited New York last fall which was the most magical place I’ve ever been.

When I landed I got a text from one of my friends/co-workers from my time at CAPA. Bill Conner, the man who was larger than life, had passed away from cancer.

I couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact I’d never see his smile again. I remember thinking, “Bill, travel the city with us!”

My friend Katie planned all of our adventures perfectly and I truly believe that Bill was “with” me that weekend too. I told people when I came back that I hope he was smiling down from heaven as I experienced the REAL Broadway for the first time.


I’ve had time to reflect on this experience and the loss of Bill Conner. I’ve thought about what brought me to CAPA. My last few weeks of my internship, my last few weeks of school, and all of those applications. I remember the first time I met Bill. I made it through the first two rounds with the marketing department and now it was time to talk to the “big guy.” It was up in his office with the floor to ceiling windows. We talked about Broadway, the Boston Red Socks and Stephen King’s novel, “On Writing.” At this same time I was in the second round of interviews for an Ad Agency in New York. I had never been to New York but I wanted to live there more than anything. I knew I’d love it.

I was offered the job at CAPA and was forced to make a decision. If I took it I knew that it would had to end the quest for the job in New York at that time. If I didn’t take the job, I could end up without a job all together. We all know the path that I chose.

If I had moved to New York City after graduation, I have no doubt that I would have loved living in that city. After visiting it, I know for a fact that I love that city but I’m not sure at 22 I’d have been able to appreciate it. I might have missed my family or faced some financial issues. I might be moving home. I had (and have) so much to learn. My CAPA family helped me in so many ways and I will
forever be grateful for them. My Storm family truly stepped in where they left off.

If I hadn’t worked at CAPA, I never would have gotten to know Bill. A man I’ll never forget. A man who proved what passionate people are capable of. A man who never slept (I still need to learn this trait). A man who touched lives more than I think he realized. A man who continues to inspire me to chase for my dreams and try to make the world I live in a better place.

Bill joins that group of people up in heaven I’m thankful to know. I still have the last email that he ever sent me. His final words to me,

I can’t begin to express how much I have enjoyed working with you.  You are so smart and such a positive can do attitude.  I so hope all works out with your new job.  We will all miss you.  Best wishes.  Bill

I can’t wait to see him again in heaven wearing that backwards baseball hat and a cut off T-shirt. We’ll share a bottle of wine. I think I’ll ask him if he’s really allergic to chocolate.

Thank you. Always.