Well, it’s April 4. I know I didn’t update all 30 days! It got crazy near the end of the month. I survived all the way until my first cheat on March 18 (oops). We went to my little sister’s confirmation (yay Skyla) and had dinner afterwards. The group bought a bottle of wine and I had a small portion of red wine. I just couldn’t resist. It was SO good!

I went back to the strict eating plan and then the disaster weekend of March 24! I totally got shoved off the wagon. I had to travel for work to Reno and though the first two days there were decent, I had more wine. Then we couldn’t get healthy food on the weekend because our work days were insane and we couldn’t leave (hence how my weight gain happened to begin with). I did my best. I ate some bad stuff.

I lost 10 pounds total during the month of March. I feel better and I don’t really miss the crap that I was eating before Whole30. Black coffee is still the way to go! I don’t really overeat anymore and am leaving more on my plate than I was before. I still haven’t had my chocolate pancakes (waiting for Easter đŸ™‚ ) Some days it felt very strict so I’m planning to modify it and continue to stick to this plan.

My new rules:

Monday – Friday

No bread

As little dairy as possible

Lots of veggies, fruit and protein

No sugar, desserts etc.

Weekends (relaxed within reason)

One serving of bread

One dessert (optional)

Alcohol (within reason)

It’s not easy but I would like to continue losing before I leave for Baton Rouge in May for some bowling events. Another 10 pounds would be great! Slowly but surely. That’s my goal and I hope to stick to it. Once I get some of this weight off again, I’m going to be more careful to not let it come back.